Discovering Hadrian’s Aqueduct: Game Design Workshop

Discovering Hadrian’s Aqueduct: Game Design Workshop

08 █ February █ 2023
11 █ 30 - 13 █ 30

How can current concerns about climate and sustainability reawaken interest in an ancient aqueduct? How can a game be a vehicle for engaging the public with interdisciplinary research? In this online workshop, SNFPHI-awardee organization Ohi Pezoume/UrbanDigProject, high school teachers, archaeologists, and sustainability experts invite members of the public to join them in laying out the foundations for a large-scale urban game about the Ancient Roman-era Hadrian’s Aqueduct and its significance for contemporary Athens.

11:30-13:30 ET/18:30-20:30 Greek time

The workshop will be conducted in English. Click here to register and receive the materials and link for the workshop.

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