Call for Proposals for Public Humanities Projects in Greece

Call for Proposals for Public Humanities Projects in Greece

21 █ Δεκέμβριος █ 2021

SNFPHI at Columbia University has launched its second call for proposals for projects that bring the ideas and insights of the humanities to life for the Greek public. The Initiative focuses on three main areas: History (e.g., preservation, oral history, archival practices, material culture); Creative Arts (e.g., performance, curation, literature); and Education (e.g., learning resources, teaching tools, educational games).

Projects are selected for a 14-month term. SNFPHI provides an initial $8000 grant for project development and implementation (e.g., remunerations, transportation, consumables, equipment) and organizes training for grantees at Columbia’s Institute for Ideas and Imagination in Paris. Grantees will also have access to additional funds for the public presentation of their projects (e.g. exhibitions, website development, etc.).

The online application is available on SNFPHI’s website here. Proposals can be submitted in Greek or English by January 31, 2022.

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